Hypes And Lows: Breaking Down The Technology Hype Cycle

We’ve all seen the explosion of energy that follows new technology but it’s rare that technology actually lives up to the hype. In this episode of the

Kennedy-Mighell Report

, hosts

Dennis Kennedy and

Tom Mighell talk about the technology hype cycle and why you should be wary about the excitement surrounding emerging technologies. Specifically, they discuss the different phases of the Gartner Hype Cycle from inflated expectations to the trough of disillusionment. They also share tips on how you can avoid getting sucked into the cycle yourself. As always, stay tuned for the parting shots, that one tip, website, or observation that you can use the second the podcast ends.

Have a technology question for Dennis and Tom? Call their Tech Question Hotline at 720-441-6820 for the answers to your most burning tech questions.

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Source : https://legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts/kennedy-mighell-report/2018/08/hypes-and-lows-breaking-down-the-technology-hype-cycle/

Hypes and Lows: Breaking Down the Technology Hype Cycle
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