YouTube Is Getting Its Own ‘Incognito Mode’

Video streaming is pretty awesome on YouTube, but do you know that the service keeps tabs on your viewing history? There is a section under your library called History which includes all the videos you have watched. While it can be useful for someone who wants to revisit an old video, but for those who are sticklers for privacy, it might be annoying.

To tackle this issue, YouTube has started rolling out a solution on mobile devices, by adding a an incognito mode. First seen tested back in May, the new feature is said to be rolling out to users as we speak. In fact we’ve already got the update, and to enable it just tap onto your profile icon and enable the mode. Your image will be replaced with the incognito icon and bar at the bottom telling you that you are secure.

What’s interesting is that once you enable incognito, all your recommended videos vanish from the main screen, and are replaced with the most popular ones in your region.

Of course, if you are expecting to browse through Rated-R content, you still need to sign in and confirm your age. So no, this won’t help you watch NSFW videos as easily as one can on the Chrome browser.

In a way, the new incognito mode is a more convenient way to sign out and watch videos. We can confirm that the feature actually works well, and any video that you watch with the mode enabled doesn’t show up in your profile history. The feature is currently available for Android devices, but we can expect other platforms to get the update soon.

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