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Hello BoF Professionals, welcome to our latest members-only briefing. China’s colossal size and dynamism makes it a top priority for any global business, but it remains opaque to many in the fashion industry. Leveraging our rare access and local knowledge, the BoF China team demystifies the Chinese market with weekly industry analysis and the wider socio-cultural context you need to sharpen your focus.

The Celebrity Ambassador Minefield

With the announcement of Kris Wu as Louis Vuitton ambassador, China’s “little fresh meat” have crested the celebrity endorsement wave. Some of the Chinese ambassador choices luxury brands are making seem out of sync with their traditional DNA, but how much does it matter?

SHANGHAI, China — Kris Wu, known in China as Wu Yifan, is a divisive figure. Much like One Direction, Justin Bieber or the succession of Western pop-star heart-throbs that came before them, Wu is derided by hip-hop aficionados for his quick journey from baby face to bad boy, questioned over the legitimacy of his talent and ribbed for the proportion of his fan base made up of excitable young women. Whether Wu cares what his critics have to say is of course another matter but, either way, they have almost no impact on his bankability or his superstar status.

It is this fact which has luxury brands, and their mass market counterparts, lining up to work with him. Last week Louis Vuitton joined Burberry, Bulgari and McDonald’s in tapping the 27-year-old K-Pop alum turned actor, hip-hop star and reality TV “producer” as the face of their brand in China, home to the world’s largest pool of luxury consumers.

Kris Wu photographed by Chen Man for BoF (stylist: Lucia Liu, makeup artist: Ki, hair stylist: Hong Junsung)

Source : https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/professional/chinas-celebrity-ambassador-minefield-kris-wu-fan-bingbing

China's Celebrity Ambassador Minefield
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