The ABCDs Of Developing Stand Out Video Creative On YouTube

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It’s no secret that most online users have the attention span of a goldfish nowadays, and creating engaging content can be a difficult endeavor. In lieu of dedicating time to other media or doing a trial-and-error based approach to >content creation, your organization needs to utilize video to stand out to your audience.

Google actually favors video content. Ever since Google acquired YouTube, the importance of using video on your website cannot be overstated. Online marketers have found that including a video on your website’s homepage makes it 53 times more likely for your website to be on the first page of Google. That’s a staggering number! That alone should have you running to create a video for your organization!

Video can also create strong emotional connections. Online video content provides a >unique approach to storytelling. As an organization serving a specific mission, you have a particular edge over other businesses because your organization is making a difference in the world. There are undoubtedly stories of how your organization has touched people’s lives that you can share with your audience to tug at their heart strings and make them even more emotionally invested in your cause.

Mobile users love video content. The majority of online users prefer >watching video to reading and over 50% of online videos are consumed on mobile devices. Online marketers suggest that this trend is due to the fact that video takes up more of the screen on mobile devices. As your followers scroll on their phones, they are more likely to stop on your video and interact with it by watching, sharing, or commenting.

Videos will generate higher engagement than any other post. On social media, engagement and interaction with posts determines how many of your followers will actually see any given post. Videos are much more likely to encourage engagement than text or image-based posts.

Surprisingly, when making a video for online marketing,

the production quality doesn’t have to be very high-end. Having high-quality content in the video is very important, however, online marketers have found that users don’t seem to mind videos that are lower in production value. Video will still receive more engagement than a text-only post.

Now that you know why video is the most important marketing tool you can use right now, you might wonder how to >create videos that will resonate with your audience. Here are just a few quick tips:

1. Optimize viewing for mobile devices.

Because over 50% of online videos are watched on mobile devices, ensure that your organization’s videos are optimized for mobile viewers. Your videos should have a square aspect ratio so that users don’t have to rotate their phones. Also, approximately 85% of videos on Facebook are consumed without sound, so add clear, readable captions to your video content.

2. Aim to create shorter videos.

While long-form videos in movies and television are still a popular form of entertainment, it has been proven that the optimal video length for online users is up to two minutes.

3. Drive curiosity.

Work with your organization’s marketing or creative teams to develop a strategy for your videos. Consider creating a video series with a cliffhanger to keep your audience coming back to learn more of the story. Also, utilize short, catchy captions to catch your reader’s’ attention.

4. Don’t forget to utilize live video.

Live video provides a unique opportunity for you to give your followers a more candid, behind-the-scenes or insiders’ look at your organization. This will also create emotional attachments to your organization and your cause. Try to do regular live videos so that your audience knows they can expect to hear from you frequently.

Because consuming information via video is convenient and practical for online users, your organization will benefit greatly by incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Using this versatile, shareable media to reach your audience with new and >engaging content will expand your reach and introduce new users to your organization’s important mission and cause.

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