Spotify Raises Their Offline Download Limit Threefold To 10,000 Tracks Per Device

International web streaming site Spotify has raised its offline download limit to 10,000 tracks from its original arbitrary limit of 3,333 songs per device, on a maximum of three devices.

The music company made the move quietly, not announcing it on their multiple social media sites.

According to Rolling Stone, its latest software update is to thank for the new limit, which has increased threefold.

This was discovered by Spotify users who initially discovered that the limit has been extended significantly, and now can be used across five different devices as opposed to three – saving you precious bandwidth to be used elsewhere.


A Spotify spokesperson has since confirmed the change, verifying that the oft-considered more irksome part of the streaming service is now a thing of the past.

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"At Spotify, we're always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device — from 3,333 on three devices to 10,000 tracks per device for up to five devices."

The company's catalogue is hugely vast, boasting over 35 million songs so far, and is still constantly expanding as new tracks continue to be released.

And while 10,000 downloads may add height to the glass ceiling towering above, it may still need to be expanded further to improve the experience of music fans the world over. Watch this space.



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Spotify raises their offline download limit threefold to 10,000 tracks per device
Spotify Raises Offline Download Limit to 10,000
Spotify raises offline download limit to 10,000 tracks
Spotify raises download limit to 10,000 songs on up to five devices at a time
Spotify raises limit for offline downloads to 10,000 songs per device
Spotify Finally Raises Its Frustrating Limit on Offline Downloads
Spotify raises song download limit significantly
Spotify finally increases download limit for offline listening
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