Netflix Introduces Smart Download Feature To Boost Your Binge Watch

The collaboration will ensure that Android Messages and Samsung Messages will work together seamlessly, and it will boost coverage of Rich Communication Services (RCS), an upgrade to the SMS messaging system, Yonhap news agency reported.

The South Korean tech giant said it would work to bring RCS features to existing mobile phones beginning with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

It also said its new Galaxy smartphones will natively support RCS messaging, starting with those on a set of carriers that have or will soon launch RCS.

From WhatsApp To YouTube, Tech Updates That Will Impact Your Digital Life

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Time For An Upgrade

26 Jul, 2018Everyone knows about the big product launches and global news. However, there are a number of small but significant updates that slip under the radar. Here's a round-up of some of the announcements that will possibly have an impact on your digital life.

​Glass That Survives 15 Drops

26 Jul, 2018Almost every smartphone user knows about Corning’s Gorilla Glass — chemically strengthened glass that is used for protection on the front and even on the rear of some phones. This is tough to do because this glass also has to be optically perfect — any small imperfections will be visible.Corning just announced the latest version called Gorilla Glass 6 which they claim can survive multiple drops without breaking. They also say it is twice as strong as Gorilla Glass 5 with enhanced scratch resistance to boot. It will not exactly be shatterproof but you can expect your smartphone to be able to withstand a few drops before the glass breaks. The glass is already in production so you can expect premium devices to get this added protection within the next few months.(Image:

Some Twitter Followers Have Vanished

26 Jul, 2018Use Twitter? In case you haven’t already noticed, there might have been a sudden drop in your Twitter followers. This has nothing to do with any of your tweets and neither is it a hack. It is just the result of Twitter’s decision to get rid of all locked accounts from the service. Locked accounts are those that have been blocked by Twitter due to report of misuse or hack — not to be confused with spam accounts.Depending on the number of followers you have, you might see a drop between a few to thousands of followers. The top 100 most followed accounts on Twitter had millions of followers missing overnight.

Truecaller Informs, Blocks & Now Records Too

26 Jul, 2018Call recording is one of the most requested features in a smartphone. Some smartphones have this feature built-in (which is ideal) and there are some paid apps that offer it (performance varies across devices). Truecaller has come to the rescue by adding call recording option to the latest update. Note that call recording is only available for Android phones. Tap on the profile icon on top left corner to access the menu and you will see the recording option. A floating button appears when the call is connected and a simple tap starts recording the conversation. Recordings are saved directly to your phone’s internal storage and not on the cloud. You can get free call recording for 14 days and after that you have to upgrade to a premium account to use it.

​Netflix Downloads Are Now Smarter

26 Jul, 2018Travelers who like to binge watch Netflix shows can’t do without the download feature. Netflix’s update recently added a ‘Smart Download’ feature. When enabled, the Netflix app will automatically identity when you have finished watching an episode, delete it to save space and then download the next episode when on WiFi. You will no longer have to manually search for and download. If you have the luxury of extra storage space and don’t want to delete older episodes, you will not be able to use the smart download. For now, this feature is limited to the Android app — other platforms might get it soon.Next

"By furthering our robust partnership with Google, we will bring a richer messaging experience to our customers, letting them seamlessly chat with their friends and family across messaging platforms," Patrick Chomet, Executive Vice President at Samsung's Mobile Communications Business, said in comments posted on the website of Samsung Mobile Press on Wednesday.

"This collaboration will help further the industry's momentum toward advanced messaging and global RCS coverage."

"Our partnership will further advance our shared vision of a substantially improved messaging experience on Android for users, brands and the broader Android ecosystem," Anil Sabharwal, Vice President for Communications Products and Photos at Google, said.

The move comes at a time when many people are opting to use popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and WeChat instead of traditional SMS messaging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch, S Pen Revolutionise Innovation

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Those Who Want It All

9 Aug, 2018

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Google, Samsung want you to get over WhatsApp; here's what they're doing to make it happen
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