Netflix Introduces Smart Download Feature To Boost Your Binge Watch

One of my favorite features on Netflix rolled out in 2016 with the ability to download episodes from select TV shows. This meant subscribers could download a few episodes of Stranger Things and watch on the go, without using up all of their data plan in the process just to see if Will Byers can escape The Upside Down and if Eleven and Mike would reunite.

I download episodes when I know I’ll be traveling and won’t have wi-fi. It’s been a life-saver and I rely on it so much. But now, things are going to take a little bit of a change. But it’s a change for the better.

Netflix introduced smart downloads on Tuesday. The smart downloads will make your life much easier and less complicated by doing the work for you.

When you finish watching a deleted episode, smart downloads will delete the watched episode and automatically begin to download the next episode, when you’re connected to wi-fi.

So you watch, and Netflix does all the work. Pretty neat, right?

This should make the binge-watching experience that much more fun and under control. When you can stream titles, the next episode automatically begins in five or 20 seconds and you dive right into the next episode. This will be a similar experience for the viewers on the go. Overall, this gives more freedom to the subscriber to enjoy their favorite Netflix titles wherever they are.

For the initial unveiling of the smart downloads feature, it will only be available on Android devices. Fear not, Apple users, it’s expected the smart downloads feature will eventually be available to use with your iPhone or iPad.

You can find more information about the smart downloads here.

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Netflix introduces smart download feature to boost your binge-watch
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Netflix Debuts "Smart Download" Feature As Boost For Binges
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