Netflix For Android Will Automatically Download The Next Episode With New Smart Downloads Feature

If you are tired of manually downloading the next episode of your favourite show on Netflix, then the streaming giant has a smart solution for you. Called Smart Downloads, the Netflix will now automatically download the next episode in the series you are watching and delete the one that you just finished watching. Netflix will automatically download the next episode when it detects that you are connected to Wi-Fi. This feature is available on the Android app only as of now and there is no information on when this service will hit iOS devices – iPhones and iPads. You will need to update your Netflix Android app on your smartphone/tablet to take advantage of the feature.

For example, if you have downloaded three episodes of a season of a show, when you finish watching season 1, episode 1, Smart Downloads will delete the first episode, and automatically downloads episode 4 when you are connected to the Wi-Fi. If you would rather have manual control over the shows you download, then you can switch off Smart Downloads by going into Downloads, then My Downloads, to find the Smart Downloads toggle.

In 2016, Netflix announced the ability to download and watch movies and TV shows on Android and iOS devices offline. Not all TV shows and movies are available for offline playback, but most are. Now all we need to do is wait for Netflix to give users the option to disable the preview we see on the Netflix app on the Fire TV stick. It really is very annoying. 

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Netflix for Android will automatically download the next episode with new Smart Downloads feature
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