Netflix Introduces ‘Smart Downloads’; Debuting On IOS Later This Year

Netflix has released a new feature called Smart Downloads for its Android app which will be making its way to the iOS version of the app later this year.

Once this feature is enabled, the Netflix app will automatically delete the episodes you have watched and download the next episode in the series. All this happens automatically and over Wi-Fi to keep data usage in check.

“Downloading is a very manual process today,” Netflix director of product innovation Cameron Johnson told BuzzFeed News. “And you have to manually go back and delete episodes.”

For example, with the Smart Downloads feature enabled, the Netflix app will automatically delete all watched episodes of Stranger Things and download the next episode in the series when you connect your device to your home or office Wi-Fi. The feature is only available for TV shows that you can download on Netflix, and not for movies.

If you are someone who frequently downloads TV shows from Netflix from offline viewing but forgets to delete and download the next one in the series, this feature is going to come in pretty handy. If you don’t like Smart Downloads, you can turn it off from the Settings menu as well.

Netflix had first launched the ability to download TV shows and episodes for offline viewing back in December 2016. The feature has allowed it to better serve its users in Latin America and Asia where the younger audience simply prefers to download content on their device so that they can view it later on.

[Via BuzzFeed News, Netflix]

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