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Updated for October 2018

Amazon Prime's selection of horror movies is as extensive as it is terrifying. What's more, they have a significant selection of old/classic films for your scary pleasures. So we've compiled our picks of the best scary movies to watch on Halloween (or any other time) on Amazon Prime Video right now.

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Now, pour yourself a glass of something good and dig your fangs in to our list of the best horror movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.


One of the better recent found-footage efforts takes a ghastly turn when one of the filmmakers wakes up foaming at the mouth with his eyeballs rolling back in their sockets. He can also suddenly run faster than a car speeding in a school zone. Diagnosis: vampirism.

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There is no cure for the undead except feeding on human blood (especially child molesters). That epic travel blog they were planning is going to be supernaturally epic.

Watch >Afflicted

American Psycho

Is Patrick Bateman an 

American Psycho

 because of his meticulous grooming, perpetual snobbery, and misogynistic treatment of women, or because of, oh say, that fetish for ax murdering? Maybe he's just bug nuts simply for being a guy that thinks Phil Collins and Huey Lewis are the most talented songwriters of the ‘80s? It’s a tough call.

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What’s not a tough call is saying that Christian Bale’s creepy tour de force performance as Bateman, and the shape Bale got in to portray the part, based on the character from Bret Easton Ellis's novel of the same name, is as astonishing as it is unsettling. One part slasher and one part comedy of manners, 

American Psycho

 is a new American horror classic.

Watch >American Psycho

The Amityville Horror 

So yeah, the real-life story of 

The Amityville Horror 

is mostly B.S. But that doesn't mean the original film isn't a fantastically scary time if you're willing to suspend your disbelief. James Brolin and Margot Kidder star as husband and wife of the Lutz family as they decide to move into their dream home in Amityville, New York on 12 Ocean Avenue.

Thankfully they get a great deal as a mass murder happened to have taken place there some years before. 

The Amityville Horror

 wonderfully captures the horror of not feeling safe the one place you're supposed to feel safe: your home. And the home itself is just wonderfully terrifying in and of itself with its attic windows that look like demonic eyes cursing everyone else on Ocean Avenue.

Watch >The Amityville Horror

The Blair Witch Project

I honestly can't imagine a more terrifying movie-going experience than seeing

The Blair Witch Project

in a theater on opening night. Back in the late '90s, we weren't as immune to Internet hype as we are now and it would have been much easier to suspend one's disbelief for this: the godfather of the found footage horror movie.

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Even as things stand now, The Blair Witch Project is a fantastic, truly eerie film. If possible, however, cut the WiFi in your house for a week, pretend you're in 1999, dim the lights and watch it again.

>Watch The Blair Witch Project

Burn, Witch, Burn! 

The dark magic of Sidney Hayers' 1962 thriller (which is also known as

Night of The Eagle) still bewitches us decades later with voodoo dolls, hypnotic spells and lightning no earthly force could have conjured. Psychology professor Norman Taylor (Peter Wyngarde) swears he is not superstitious until things mysteriously start levitating and vanishing. He and his sorceress wife (Janet Blair) have ended up as the targets of another woman’s vengeful witchcraft. Her malicious cry of "Burn, witch, burn!" will echo in your ears for weeks.

Bonus cool factor: The screenplay was co-written by the great Richard Matheson.

Watch  >Burn, Witch, Burn!


The world is not wanting for Stephen King adaptations. If you're in the mood for some Stephen King movies, however, you may as well start with the first novel and one of the best adaptations.


 is essentially a grim biography of one girl's terrible life. Her classmates make fun of her, her religious nut of a mother tortures her endlessly. It's just pure tragedy. Until it suddenly becomes pure horror.

Watch >Carrie



is a movie that knows how to put the "post" in "post-apocalyptic." In the world of 2009's


, a pandemic has wiped out nearly all of humanity. Four people, Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci), Brian (Chris Pine), Bobby (Piper Perabo), and Kate (Emily VanCamp) take shelter on Turtle Beach in the Southwest U.S.

It's here that they plan to ride out the apocalypse, and stay away from the plague. That's all easy enough, but what proves to be more difficult to contend with are the survivors themselves. Carriers is a fun, low budget horror movie with a good cast. They caught Chris Pine right before he became Chris Pine.

Watch >Carriers

Child's Play

"Evil child's doll" is like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to horror. Still, 

Child's Play

 and the franchise that followed it is even more impressive than that already great premise suggests.

Chucky is just completely creepy. This demonic little bastard would go on to become an iconic horror villain but in in this, the first of the franchise, he's at his absolute terrifying best.

Watch >Child's Play


Bad news. The world is overrun with vampires in 


, a 2009 Australian horror film from The Spierig Brothers. Even worse news is that a vampiric corporation is attempting to track down all the remaining humans to eat. 

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The good news is that Willem Dafoe has the cure that will save the entire human species. Dafoe stars as former vampire "Elvis." He teams up with Ethan Hawke's Edward Dalton as the two attempt to defeat the vampires and restore humanity to its proper place.


is a fun, properly satirical vampire movie. It has lots to say about consumerism and societal structures. But most importantly it also just knows that it has two great stars and let's them enjoy their vampire-killing activities. 

>Watch Daybreakers

The Devil Bat


The Devil Bat

. One of those infamous vampire movies that isn't actually about vampires. But who the hell cares when it has Bela Lugosi in it, right?

But this poverty row production from 1940 features plenty of atmospherics, as well as a giant honkin' bat, and that's enough to set the mood on a chilly night. Especially if you're indulging in adult beverages or contraband. If nothing else, just bow down to Bela.

Watch >The Devil Bat

A Field in England

2013's >

A Field in England

 presents compelling evidence that more horror movies should be shot in black and white.

Directed by British director Ben Wheatley

A Field in England

 is a kaleidoscope of trippy, cerebral horror. The film takes place in 1648, during the English Civil War. A group of soldiers is taken in by a kindly man, who is soon revealed to be an alchemist. The alchemist takes the soldiers to a vast field of mushrooms where they are subjected to a series of mind-altering, nightmarish visions. 

A Field in England

 is aggressively weird, creative, and best of all clocks in at exactly 90 minutes.

Watch >A Field in England



is awesome because Bill Paxton is awesome. What if you father was Bill Paxton? Cool, right? But what if your father was Bill Paxton and one day emerged from his barn with an axe and told you and your brother that angels had given him a list of demons on Earth masquerading as human beings?

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And that all of you would have to kill them as a family. Not as cool.

Frailty is near-perfect psychological horror as it confronts two of our biggest fears: fear of the familiar suddenly going crazy. And fear of the crazy suddenly becoming familiar.

Watch >Frailty

Green Room


Green Room

is a shockingly conventional horror movie despite not having all of the elements we traditionally associate with them. There are no monsters or the supernatural in

Green Room


Instead all monsters are replaced by vengeful neo-Nazis and the haunted house is replaced by a skinhead punk music club in the middle of nowhere in the Oregon woods. The band The Aint Rights, led by bassist Pat (Anton Yelchin) are locked in the green room of club after witnessing a murder and must fight their way out.

Watch >Green Room

House on Haunted Hill

What would you do for $10,000? How about surviving a night in a mansion haunted by murder victims and owned by a psychotic millionaire? Seems like a party trick until people actually start dying.

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Vincent Price is the master and mastermind of a house that suddenly makes everyone homicidal—but the real pièce de résistance is what dances out of a vat of flesh-eating acid.

Some vintage horror never dies, and this 1959 classic is immortal.

Watch >House on Haunted Hill

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

is a different kind of horror altogether: one that is somehow simultaneously hallucinatory and all-too-real. Tim Robbins stars as Jacob Singer, a former American soldier who experienced horrors in Vietnam. Those horrors continue to plague Singer in a series of gruesome flashbacks and hallucinations and set him down a dark path to find out exactly what's real.

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Jacob's Ladder

is truly disturbing and has a classic ending that will help you realize the significance of the phrase "a

Jacob's Ladder


>Watch Jacob's Ladder


Duuuhhh-nuhhh. Or however you transcribe that menacing John Williams' piano motif. >


is an all-time summer movie blockbuster classic but don't overlook its horror bona fides. Steven Spielberg's 1975 film does what so many horror movie after it would successfully ape: it conjures dread and terror from thin air.

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returns viewers to a primal state of fear when our ancestors were not on the apex of the food chain. The happy accident of a broken electronic shark also means that we barely see the beastie, which makes his devastation all the more terrifying over 40 years later.

Watch >Jaws

Let Me In

Let Me In is an adaptation of the 2008 Swedish romantic horror film 

Let the Right One In

. Both films deal with a young, bullied boy meeting and falling in love with a vampire girl. 

Let Me In

 seemed like an awful idea at the time. It came just two years after the original, which was considered to be a modern romance and horror classic. But this version, as directed by Cloverfield's Matt Reeves is surprisingly good.

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Let Me In

 is a faithful adaptation of the original without being derivitive and boring. The secret is in the direciton and cinematography. So much of what made 

Let the Right One In

 great was its quiet, snowy Scandanavian scenery.

 Let Me In

 finds equal levels of creepy serenity in the New Mexican desert. 

The end result of Reeves' scenery change and careful direction is great adaptation buoyed by superb performances from child actors (and members of the three name club) Chloe Grace Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

>Watch Let Me In

The Monster

It's no secret that horror can work on a small scale with little other than the viewer's imagination to generate fear.

The Monster

is about as small scale, yet still effective, as they come.

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The film features just two characters almost exclusively, a mother and a daughter, trapped in a car as a monster from the woods terrorizes them. 

>Watch The Monster


Is Darren Aronofsky's 2017 120-minute bomb of pure weirdness,


, a horror movie? Sure, why not. Not a conventional one to be sure but it's unsettling enough to creep out just about anyone.

Jennifer Lawrence stars know what. A plot description will be hard on this one. The characters have no names other than Him (Javier Bardem), Mother (Lawrence), and other titles. Bardem and Lawrence portray and archetypical married couple living in an old house where very weird things start happening.

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There is a lot of symbolism to unpack in


and it's a movie that clearly wants to communicate something intangible very desperately. Aside from that, however, it's also just an intensely visually disorienting experience.

>Watch Mother!


Horrors always lurk at the bottom of murky lakes, but the dead-eyed doll heads and evil statues staring from beneath the greenish surface of this one will have you begging Swamp Thing for mercy. That’s before some brutally disfigured orphans shamble out of the woods.

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When Jenny visits her archaeologist father in Italy, long-drowned secrets start bubbling to the surface. To think, all this was supposed to be a vacation. Riccardo Paoletti's directorial debut is worth checking out.

>Watch Neverlake

Nightmare Castle

Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of a scientist who makes the most of his wife’s passion-driven murder by using her heart and a few volts of electricity to reanimate his dead servant in this piece of Italian horror weirdness,

Nightmare Castle. He thinks he will inherit the castle from the woman he killed—until he doesn’t and her halfway insane sister does. Marrying said sister ends up being not such a great idea when she begins having homicidal nightmares.

Featuring scream queen Barbara Steele!

>Watch Nightmare Castle

Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero’s 1968 zombie classic

The Night of the Living Dead messed up the minds of late '60s moviegoers as much as it messed with every horror movie that followed. Shot on gritty black and white stock, the film captures the desperate urgency of a documentary shot at the end of the world. It is a tale of survival, an allegory for the Vietnam War and racism and suspenseful as hell freezing over.

>Night of the Living Dead

set a new standard for gore, even though you could tell some of the bones the zombies were munching came from a local butcher shop. But what grabs at you are the unexpected shocks. Long before >The Walking Dead

, Romero caught the terror that could erupt from any character, at any time.

They're coming to get you. There's one of them now!

>Watch> Night of The Living Dead


Nothing beats a classic, and that's exactly what

Nosferatu is. As the unofficial 1922 adaptation of Bram Stoker’s >Dracula

, this German Expressionist masterpiece was almost lost to the ages when the filmmakers lost a copyright lawsuit with Stoker’s widow (who had a point). As a result, most copies were destroyed...but a precious few survived

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This definitive horror movie from F.W. Murnau might be a silent picture, but it is a haunting one where vampirism is used as a metaphor for plague and the Black Death sweeping across Europe. When Count Orlock comes to Berlin, he brings rivers of rats with him and the most repellent visage ever presented by a cinematic bloodsucker. The sexy vampires would come later, starting with 1931’s more polished vision of Count Dracula as legendarily played by Bela Lugosi, but Max Schreck is buried under globs of makeup in

Nosferatu making him resemble an emaciated cadaver. Murnau plays with shadow and light to create an intoxicating environment of fever dream repressions. But he also creates the most haunting cinematic image of a vampire yet put on screen.

Check it out.

Watch >Nosferatu

Paranormal Activity


Paranormal Activity

in some respects represents the zenith of found footage horror movie genre that began with

The Blair Witch Project

in 1999.

Paranormal Activity

takes that concept of filming paranormal...well, activity, and takes it to its logical extreme. 

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Micah and Katie are a young couple who move to a new home in San Diego. Katie believes that an evil presences she's known since childhood has followed them into the home. So Micah sets up a standard video camera in their room to see if they can capture any evidence of it. And catch some evidence they do.

Paranormal Activity

succeeds becasue of its genius simplicity - and because everything is inherently creepier through grainy VHS footage.

Watch >Paranormal Activity



Pumpkinhead  has two factors that almost automatically make any horror movie watchable at the very least.

The first factor is an unfortunate human character who messes with forces outside his control and understanding for a shot at vengeance. After a group of local teens accidentally kill his son, Tom wants vengeance and visits a witch to find it. This is where factor #2 comes in. The witch helps Tom raise a monster from the dead to go on a tour of bloody revenge. The monster, Pumpkinhead, is a terrifyingly wonderful movie monster - all spindly limbs and sharp corners. 

Pumpkinhead  spawned a small series of horror movies but this first one is the best and most unnerving.



Season of the Witch

Bored Stepford-esque housewife Joan (Jan White) is stuck in a suburban bubble with an abusive husband when she meets a mysterious new neighbor (Virginia Greenwald) who practices witchcraft. Pretty soon, Joan is casting spells to have affairs with college boys half her age, suffering from Satanic nightmares that wake her up to grim reality, and initiated into her neighbor’s backyard coven.

Proof that you never know what really goes on behind white picket fences. Another fine bit of weirdness from George A. Romero.

Watch >Season of the Witch

Stir of Echoes

Unwanted or unexpected "visions" are the rare horror trope that are equally terrifying conceptually and visually. Therefore they are a perfect fit for a horror movie. In

Stir of Echoes

, Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) is a normal working class Joe from Chicago until a chance encounter with a hypnotist at a party causes him to have some disturbing visions.

Tom's visions are that of a young girl being violently attacked and he soon comes to suspect that they might represent something real.

Watch >Stir of Echoes

The Woman in Black

There is something eternally appealing to anyone who grew up reading ghost stories about a spooky old house, abandoned on a hill. Maybe that's why

The Woman in Black’s cruelty lies in the fact that the only victims of this haunted estate are the children of locals murdered simply because their parents—or total strangers—are too inquisitive for their own good.

As one of Hammer Films’ two good movies during their brief revival (the other being

Let Me In), this owes a lot to the studio’s classic legacy of buttoned up Victorians venturing past the point of sanity or safety into the English countryside. It also bears a striking resemblance to Francis Ford Coppola’s

Dracula in production design and, occasionally, tone. The movie stumbles with the miscasting of a far-too-young Daniel Radcliffe as a widower and father, but he still plays the scared solicitor well enough when he’s in the house with her.

Really, it’s a nostalgia for an old school style of saying “boo,” plus an impeccably creepy premise about a vengeful ghost who murders random children and keeps their souls in torment for her own amusement, that makes this worthwhile. That and a few of the tenser jump scare-a-thons in recent memory.

Watch >The Woman in Black

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