How To Download Everything From Your Favorite Streaming Services

transfer playlists

Transferring playlists between multiple music services is easy until you attempt to do it manually. Instead of having to painstakingly recreate your personal, carefully curated Apple Music playlists on another music-streaming service like Spotify or YouTube, or vice versa, you can just use an app to get the job done.

And the free TuneMyMusic web app delivers. The browser-based software makes the complicated, convoluted process dead simple. With TuneMyMusic, you can transfer your music library from any music service to any other you want with just a few clicks.

How to move music playlists between services

1) Point your browser at and click the purple button labeled 

Let’s Start.

Move music playlists

2) On the next screen, select your

source music platform.

transfer playlists

At the time of this writing, TuneMyMusic supported Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer and Google Play Music. Support for Amazon Music, Pandora, Tidal, KKBox and other music services will come at a later date. You can even upload your playlists as a file (they support the XML format that iTunes uses to export your playlists).

3) You will now need to

log in to your chosen music service with your access credentials.

transfer playlists

4) Select the playlists you’d like to move and 

click your preferred destination music platform on the next screen. Don’t worry about the wording: the playlist gets copied, not moved.

move music playlists

5) As the final step, on the last screen click the button labeled

Start Moving My Music.

YouTube playlist to Spotify

And that’s all there’s to it.

Log in to the destination music service to verify that everything looks good. Definitely try playing a couple of songs from these playlists. If some of the songs are missing from your playlists, that’s because the destination music service doesn’t have them in its catalog.

Convert Spotify playlist to YouTube Music

When switching from one music service to another, don’t leave all your precious playlists behind. With TuneMyMusic, finding your favorite Spotify songs on, say, Deezer is a no-brainer.

YouTube playlist to Spotify

My Shazamed Apple Music playlist, on YouTube

I particularly like how TuneMyMusic lets me take my personal YouTube Music playlists (there’s a ton of great playlists on YouTube) to Spotify and listen to the songs there.

What do you think of TuneMyMusic?

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