Apple Fixes IPhone Crash Bug Whenever Taiwan Was Mentioned

A security researcher has shared a new link that can cause iPhones, iPads to crash or reboot and restart. The bug affects any iOS device, reports 9to5Mac. This is not the first link to come up that causes iOS devices to crash, but unlike a lot of other links that spread over iMessage notifications, this needs to be opened in Safari browser. The report confirms that the bug affects iOS 11, iOS 12 and also causes some desktop web browsers to freeze up.

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The link, which was released by security researcher @pwnsdx over Twitter, apparently causes full device kernel panic. It essentially overloads the WebKit renderer, thanks to a simple snippet of HTML and CSS. “The bug affects any iOS device that can interpret the background-filter effect, something which was first introduced in iOS 7.  The few lines of CSS apply a computed blur effect to every div element on the page. The accompanying HTML includes a lot of div elements,” the report reads.

Apple and WebKit groups are expected to fix the update in the coming weeks via an iOS update, though official details are not clear at this point. Apple has not yet officially commented on this bug.

Those interested in trying out how the bug works can simply copy the source code of the bug and open the ‘safari-ripper.html’ link on that page. Of course, users are advised against it as it will cause devices to crash or reboot.

Earlier this year, an iOS bug was discovered that would crash iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models in some regions whenever they typed the word Taiwan or received the ‘Taiwan’ flag emoji. This vulnerability was spotted on iOS 11.3 by former NSA security researcher, Patrick Wardle.

It was fixed through the iOS 11.4.1 update. Apple ‘text bomb’, which caused an iPhone or even a Mac to crash was reportedly shared in the form of a website link on iMessage.

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This link with CSS code can cause your iPhone, iPad to crash or reboot
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