Apple’s China Friendly Censorship Crashed IPhones; Bug Now Fixed

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the perils of kowtowing too hard; you’ll knock yourself silly and not be able to censor… er, code straight.


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Apple CEO Tim Cook named recipient of Newseum’s 2017 Free Expression Award – February 2, 2017

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Apple’s China-friendly censorship crashed iPhones; bug now fixed
Apple's China-Friendly Censorship Caused an iPhone-Crashing Bug
Apple iOS 11.3 bug that crashed iPhones in China when users wrote 'Taiwan' is fixed
Apple’s iOS crashing bug is due to ‘China-friendly’ code: Researcher
Chinese iPhones crash when users try to type Taiwanese flag characters
Now-fixed Apple code crashed iOS devices when users typed 'Taiwan'
Apple squashes bug that caused Taiwan to crash iPhones
Did you know? The word 'Taiwan' would crash iOS thanks to a buggy filter for the Chinese govt
Bizarre ‘Taiwan’ iOS bug used may have had origins in Chinese censorship
China-friendly code behind iPhone-crashing bug: Report
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