15 Latest Free PSD Files For Designers

Now that your business card is done, how will you display it in your portfolio? A mockup is a go-to choice for many designers on a tight schedule.

It helps you style your portfolio professionally and provides future clients with confidence about your workflow. Want to try one out?

Create extraordinary headers, posts, and portfolios with these Photoshop business card mockups. Featuring a collection of stylish, modern templates, these resources are just what you need for a quick result.

Enjoy the latest designs to hit 2018 with this incredible selection. Discover the best free and paid business card templates from around the web.

Premium Business Card Templates

Want more options?

Don't forget, many pro templates are super budget friendly! Take a moment to check out these incredible sets! Try one of our premium business card mockup templates currently available on Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Realistic Business Card Mockups

Present your business cards in a stylish, sleek way. This realistic mockup set features fully adjustable shadows, changeable backgrounds, and more. You'll love the selection of customizable scenes along with organized layers you can navigate. Try it out!

Realistic Business Card Mockups>

Simple Business Card Mockups

Style your portfolio with stunning mockups. This business card set is simple and straightforward. Try out different compositions to find the scene you like. Mix and match colors, shadows, and lighting effects for more impact. Check it out!

Simple Business Card Mockups>

Business Card Mockup Pack

Do you have a business card? Get a great design with this minimalist business card mockup. A set of six photorealistic scenes, this template is easy to edit with Adobe Photoshop. Try out new colors to match your brand or website.

Business Card Mockup Pack >

Business Cards Mockup

Download 15 high-quality Photoshop files of this standard business card mockup. A stunning design with organized layers, this template features movable objects and more for simple editing. Experiment with the light and shadow for more impressive effects.

Business Cards Mockup >

Business Cards Mockups Pack

Mockup packs are a designer's go-to instrument for impressive results. This fantastic set features 10 photo-realistic mockups with customizable side colors and backgrounds. You'll enjoy the look of high-quality paper textures along with extraordinary compositions. 

Business Cards Mockups Pack>

5 Business Card Mockups

Show both sides of your business card in a creative way. This set of photo-realistic mockups includes five professional scenes with interesting staging and textures. Drag and drop your images into the fully editable smart objects to enjoy this template. Check it out!

5 Business Card Mockups>

Business Card Mockups

Design a brilliant header for your website or blog post. This stunning mockup is creative yet efficient. The composition features a floating set of business cards against interchangeable solid colors. Enjoy the minimal aesthetics and edge-to-edge covering with this cool set!

Business Card Mockups>

Modern Business Card Mockups

Freshen up your brand design with a new business card! This sophisticated set is chic and minimal! Enjoy four Photoshop mockups along with links to free fonts. Play with the color scheme for a more adventurous look!

Modern Business Card Mockups>

Shop Business Card Mockups

Present your cards in a sweet coffee or candy shop with this premium mockup set. Choose from seven realistic photo scenes of varying interior setups. As always, smart objects make this template easy and fast, with numerous options for more customization.

Shop Business Card Mockups>

Standing Business Card Mockup

Tropical leaves are a huge deal in current design trends. And you'll see more and more creatives approach natural color palettes with tropical leaves and shrubbery like this mockup template. This template contains three files with exquisite variations. Check it out!

Standing Business Card Mockup>

25 Best Free Business Card Mockup Templates

Next, we have the freebies!

Make an impact with stylish templates that won't break the budget! Enjoy this selection of high-quality assets that are 100% free!

Floral Business Card Mockup

Create a pretty post for Instagram and more with this floral business card mockup. A delightful mockup with soft details, this template is elegant and efficient. Just drag and drop your business card elements to see the composition transform. Download it now!

Floral Business Card Mockup>

Top View Business Cards Mockup 

Look down onto a scene with your cards using this awesome set! This download includes one fully layered Photoshop file with smart objects and large dimensions. Edit the background color with more textures and styles.

Top View Business Cards Mockup >

Business Cards Showcasing Mockup

Will you add gold foiling to your card like this final result? Try out different compositions and setups with this business card showcase. Enjoy four different top coat colors including black, silver, gold, and copper. Check it out!

Business Cards Showcasing Mockup>

Business Card Mockup

Ready to take on the world? Show others you mean business with this elegant mockup scene. This download includes a Photoshop file of business cards staged in an art-based environment. Add it to any website or portfolio in seconds! Try this one today!

Business Card Mockup>

Colorful Modern Business Card Mockup

Shake things up with this abstract geometric design. This mockup series includes a colorful design with trendy elements you can easily adjust. Leave it on a plain white background, or edit the color for more options. Some free links, like this one, may require attribution for commercial use, so just keep that in mind!

Colorful Modern Business Card Mockup>

Business Cards Mockup Collection 

Love the 90s? Try out a new retro twist with this mockup collection. This set includes three mockup scenes all available in one fully layered Photoshop file. Customize the branding to fit your needs with this spectacular design. Give it a shot!

Business Cards Mockup Collection >

Business Card Stack Free Mockup

This free mockup includes a stack of realistic business cards we know you'll enjoy. All you really need is to insert your brand image to see the mockup transform in moments. Check out additional options to customize your design by navigating the Photoshop file.

Business Card Stack Free Mockup>

Free Prime Business Card Mockup

Add a pop of color to the background to make your cards stand out. This awesome business card mockup features built-in smart objects with editable background colors. Take advantage of this magnificent freebie to add to your collection!

 Free Prime Business Card Mockup>

Business Cards on a Clip Mockup

Clip a set of cards together with this clever mockup template. This download includes one fully layered Photoshop file with editable colors and artwork. It measures 6400x5800 in size, so it's quite a sizeable download. Check out this design!

Business Cards on a Clip Mockup>

iPhone With Business Card Mockup

Show off the ultimate designer setup with this brilliant free resource. This template features a creative top view showing several tech and design items. Update the smart objects with your graphics to see the effect in seconds! Test it out!

iPhone with Business Card Mockup>

Floating Business Cards Mockup

Create a magical composition with this floating card mockup. A simple design that creates an impactful result, this template is fun and easy to edit. Just pop in your business cards to try out the different front and back setups. Download it now!

Floating Business Cards Mockup>

Flying Business Card Mockup

Make your business cards hover in the air with this creative mockup. A photo-realistic set of three hovering cards, this template lets you blur out any background for an impressive effect. Match the background to your niche for effective marketing!

 Flying Business Card Mockup>

Free Business Card Mockup

Keep things minimal for an elegant look! This free business card mockup features an awesome design that showcases the front and back of your card. Adjust the shadows, colors, or smart object positions for a better effect! Add it to your collection!

 Free Business Card Mockup>

Branding Identity With iPhone Mockup

Add an entire brand package to your portfolio! This brand identity download features a superb mockup template that also includes room for your business cards and logos. Update the files with your assets to enjoy this natural marble background.

Branding Identity with iPhone Mockup>

Floating Business Cards Mockup

Need something simple and quick? Then check out this floating business card mockup. This template is a ready-made mockup that just needs your business card images. Insert your designs and play with the backgrounds to explore more results. Check it out!

Floating Business Cards Mockup>

Stacked Business Card Mockup

Set rows and rows of business cards to a compelling angle with this clever mockup. This template features built-in smart objects for both front and back designs. Create a realistic effect with elegant shadows and lighting with this amazing download.

Stacked Business Card Mockup>

Business Card Showcase Mockup

Stack two cards on top of each other with this easy template. This mockup showcases both sides of your designs for effective marketing. Include your logo on the front and important contact info on the back to make the most out of this asset. Try it out!

Business Card Showcase Mockup>

Stack of Business Cards Mockup

Make a nice pile of stacked cards like this setup with a free template! This minimalist design features a bright blue background with realistic paper textures. Included is a fully layered Photoshop file with high-resolution details. Download it now!

Stack of Business Cards Mockup>

Blue Business Cards Mockup

Entice your clients with bold colors! This free mockup template features a design that lays out all your cards at a diagonal angle. Easily update the background to your favorite color for more options. Or try it out with a unique texture. Wood or metal textures would look great!

Blue Business Cards Mockup>

2 Free Business Card Mockups

Designers all over are generously giving away divinely made templates like this one. This creative business card mockup features a cheerful floral setup against a wooden background. Move around the other elements for more customization. Give it a shot!

2 Free Business Card Mockups>

Front & Back Business Card Mockup

Place your cards onto a rustic piece of wood using this lovely template. This download features a high-quality Photoshop file along with a PDF template for quick instructions. Most settings can be edited to fit your needs, so make sure to experiment with this resource soon!

Front  Back Business Card Mockup>

Business Card Mockup on Wood Blocks 

Just a few wooden blocks are all this setup needed for a fresh, natural effect! This business card mockup features a modern composition with two cards positioned against the wooden blocks. Included is a fully layered file with all the elements you need for easy editing.

Business Card Mockup on Wood Blocks>

Wooden Box Business Card Mockup

Carry your business cards around in this slim wooden box! This brilliant mockup features a sleek design with interchangeable colors and details. Update the wood burning effect with your own letters to enjoy this template right away! Check it out!

 Wooden Box Business Card Mockup>

Business Card With Box >

Or place your business cards into an elegant box like this template! This stunning resource features two Photoshop templates that are completely free! Just update the smart object elements to place your designs onto the premade cards. You'll want this set!

Business Card with Box >

Uniform Overhead Business Cards Mockup

Present a clean and uniform brand with this business card mockup. Featuring an overhead design of business cards with minimal details, this template is straightforward and unique.  Get access to a fully editable format and a quick set of instructions.

Uniform Overhead Business Cards Mockup>


Make your introduction with a well-designed business card. Use these free and premium mockups for brilliant marketing solutions. And test out more creative options to explore these effects!

Need more inspiration? Check out these articles to learn from our experts!

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